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Want experts to help you get your message into the hands that matter most? Third-party direct mail marketing professionals1 can do all or part of your advertising campaign to reach current and new customers. Call a specialist or use live chat to design the right mailpiece, 瞄准正确的受众, and prepare and drop off your mailing.

想要方便? Choose a budget, pick a design, select your audience, and experts will do the rest.


Third-party direct mail marketing specialists can do everything for you. With expert help and access to 十大网堵平台s such as end-to-end solutions, you'll save valuable time.

Direct 邮件 Advertising by Taradel

穿过塔拉德尔的平台, 定制设计, 选择你的细分市场, and a printing professional will deliver your campaign. Even add digital advertising options.


美国邮政总局® has a list of local printers familiar with 美国邮政总局 mailpiece standards. Look for a printer near you if you prefer in-person help. Services available vary by printer.


邮政十大网堵平台® 每户直销函件® (EDDM®)绘图工具 lets you target your mailing by route and 邮政编码. 寻找专业人士1 to help with mailing and printing 十大网堵平台s? The following is a listing of resources that may help you decide what works for you.



Grow邮件 makes sending 每户直销函件® campaigns as easy as sending an email campaign. You can use Grow邮件's postcard marketing software or a complimentary full-十大网堵平台 marketing consultant to send EDDM® campaigns in 15 minutes or less. Grow邮件 focuses on generating new customers for less by intelligently targeting the right neighborhoods with advanced data and analytics. Free postcard templates or custom designs are available so that your postcards look great and drive results.



Printing for Less is the one-stop shop for all your printing and mailing needs. What's more, we've successfully created printing solutions, strategies, and EDDM® campaigns for more than 220,000 customers of all sizes. Our experienced team delivers the highest quality printing in the industry, with award-winning customer 十大网堵平台 backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Amazingmail's easy-to-use portal lets you create and complete an EDDM® 分钟战役. Upload your own images and design or select from one of our free, professionally designed templates. 我们负责印刷, 所需的流程, and mailing so you can focus on growing your business.

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Taradel makes it easy to reach new customers with integrated direct mail, 社交媒体, and digital ad campaigns — a method proven to deliver higher return on investment. 价格低廉, 在线订单跟踪, and world class support by phone or live chat, 15人以上,000个广告客户选择了Taradel.



制作个性化明信片, 信封里的信, and self–mailers online—no permits, no minimum quantities—First–Class 邮件® items are printed and mailed the next business day. 获得免费优先邮件® shipping to you or to a Post Office EDDM包含的设施® 十大网堵平台. 寄挂号信® 物品和非营利性邮件也是如此. Also available: mailing list rental, APIs, and free tutorials.



AMPlified 邮件 provides responses and ROI reporting, in addition to tracking your mail through 美国邮政总局 for delivery timing to targeted customers. Get a personalized consultation to plan the best design and mail strategy.

Direct 邮件 Advertising Hosted by Taradel1

Third-party direct mail professionals can do everything for you. Through the one-stop shop 每户直销函件 interface that is operated by Taradel, you can choose and 定制设计, 选择你的细分市场, and have one of our 网上直销函件专家, whose 十大网堵平台s are offered to you through a rotating selection process, deliver your campaign wherever and whenever you choose. Either click the "从这里开始" link below to get started or click any of the 网上直销函件专家 links on this page to create your mail campaign.



美国邮政总局 has a list of local printers familiar with 美国邮政总局 mailpiece standards. Look for a printer near you if you prefer in-person help. Services available vary by printer.


1.注意:美国邮政总局® assumes no liability for results of contact with any company listed on this page or in the local area printer directory. 美国邮政总局 does not endorse third-party vendors. Private vendors may apply non-美国邮政总局 charges. 鹰的标志,美国邮政.com®,美国邮政总局®、邮政十大网堵平台, EDDM®,每户直销邮件®、优先邮件®,优先邮件统一费率®一级邮件®、邮政局、IMb追踪®, Click-N-Ship®邮政信箱,和美国邮政总局交付, are registered or unregistered trademarks of the U.S邮政十大网堵平台. 回来^